Court of BiH sentenced Jasmin Keserovic to Six Years in Prison for Terrorism

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced Jasmin Keserovic to six years in prison for terrorism. Keserovic was convicted for joining foreign formations in Syria and public incitement to terrorist activities.

Keserovic is one of the seven BiH citizens who were extradited from Syria in December 2019 due to the suspicion that they fought there on the side of organizations that were declared terrorist by the United Nations (UN).

In its closing arguments, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina assessed as proven both counts of the indictment for terrorism – joining foreign paramilitary formations, ISIL and public incitement to terrorist activities.

The defense then proposed that Keserovic be sentenced to between two and a half and three and a half years in prison for the first count, estimating that the allegations that the accused publicly called for killings were not proven.

There is a possibility of appealing this verdict to the Appellate Panel of the Court of BiH.

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