Creative workshops of ‘Mali Magacin Kabare’

‘Mali Magacin Kabare’ announced for February a new semester and continuation of cycle of creative workshops for children.

Mali Magacin Kabare’ will organise two workshops; workshop of guitar and music and workshop of creativity and imagination, which will combine classes of modern ballet, acting, directing, design and art in general.

This semester, actors Zana Marjanović, Saša Peševski and Sanela Krsmanović will join the team of ‘Mali Magacin Kabare’ and will lead workshops of creativity and imagination.

Actress Zana Marjanović said that she is very happy that she’ll teach at ‘Mali Magacin Kabare’, who already had two successful plays. She added that in this cycle they’re planning a film about historical heritage of BiH which will be completely realised by participants of two workshops. ‘

New semester will last for five months, and all children from 7 to 14 years of age are eligible to participate in the workshops.

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