Danis Tanović’s film was awarded Silver Bear and Nazif Mujić is the best actor of the Berlin Festival

Once again, BiH film achieved great success at the International Film Festival in Berlin.

Nazif Mujić, the lead role of Tanović’s film ‘An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker’ has been proclaimed the best actor of the Berlin Film Festival and was awarded with the Silver Bear, and the film itself was awarded with the Silver Bear as well.

Double Silver Bear, made the team very happy, but also it made all BiH fans of home films happy as well. The Silver bear award is considered second most prestigious award of the Berlin Film Festival.

Tanović film also received the recognition of Ecumenical Jury of 63rd International Berlin Film Festival.

Film ‘An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker’ is based on true events and talks about alienation and discrimination in contemporary BiH society.

The film talks about Nazif, who supports his family by picking old iron. After his wife is denied medical treatment needed for abortion, Nazif will do everything in his power to save her life – by desperately collecting more iron, searching for the help of NGOs and from the state institutions, and in 10 days Nazif and Senada will experience the cruelty of contemporary society.

Cast of the film: Nazif Mujić, Senada Alimanović, Sandra Mujić and Šemsa Mujić. Film producers are Amra Bakšić Čamo and Čedomir Kolar, director and script writer Danis Tanović, photography director Erol Zubčević, sound designer Samir Fočo, executive producers Adis Đapo and Adnan Beširović.

Upon return Nazif was very happy and added that the film has not changed his life, only the feeling in his heart.

Nazif said that that people should not be judged based on their nationality and religion, because we all have the same blood, and he expressed hope that this award will draw the attention of authorities on troubles of Roma population in BiH and elsewhere.

Bakšić Čamo said that the film had the Hollywood ending although it was not made for that reason, and she hopes that this film will have a positive impact on people like Nazif.

BiH audience will have the opportunity to see the film at the opening of 19 Film Festival.


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