David Lindsay- Abaire’s drama ”Rabbit Hole” in SARTR

The drama ”Rabbit Hole” based on the text by David Lindsay –Abaire which talks about the nightmare or the fear of losing a child was directed to the stage of Sarajevo War Theater.

The director of this drama is Robert Raponja, a director from Croatia who directed various other plays, such as ”Ay, Carmela”, ”Caroline Neuber”, ”To je raj, lutko moja”, ”U plamenu” and many other.

The drama is based on the text that has an emotional stronghold in all situations of life. The premiere performance of this drama at the Sarajevo War Theater was held on the 12th November in 2011.

The drama ”Rabbit Hole” (Zečija rupa) proved to be a success, and because of the great interest of the audience, it will be performed on the 24th December at 20:00 p.m.

The roles in this drama are enacted by Selma Alispahić, Alban Ukaj, Maja Salkić, Jasenko Pašića, Ana Mia Milić and Halima Mušić.

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