Defense of Naser Orić received a Response from Hague Prosecution

Naser Orić Response from Hague avaz.baDefense of Naser Orić received a response from the Hague Prosecution regarding the case against Naser Orić at the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Orić’s attorney Lejla Čović, the Hague Prosecution considers that the charges pressed against Orić in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not include parts of the earlier verdict by the Tribunal which acquitted Orić from responsibility in 2008. “Expected,” Čović added.

The plan was to submit a response to the Hague Tribunal by the end of the day yesterday, after which a decision will follow.

The Court of B&H shall determine the date for trial to Orić and Sabahudin Muhić after the decision by the court in Hague. Orić’s defense previously requested from the Court of B&H to suspend the process, claiming that it cannot be tried twice for the same offense.

According to BIRN – Justice Report, at the status conference yesterday the prosecutor Miroslav Janjić presented plan of presentation of evidence, saying he intends to invite 30 witnesses of which only one will be under protective measures.

Orić and Muhić are charged for acting contrary to the provisions of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention, as commander and member of the Army of RB&H during the war and armed conflict between the Army of RB&H and the Army of Republika Srpska, in the area of Srebrenica and Bratunac.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ photo avaz)

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