New Wave of Migrants towards Bosnia and Herzegovina can be expected


Adviser to the Director of the Bosnian Border Police, Svevlad Hoffman, said that a new wave of migrants towards Bosnia and Herzegovina can be expected and that certain measures need to be implemented in order to respond adequately.

“Now is the right time for the most authoritative institutions of the executive power to seriously consider the upcoming problem and finally adopt measures and actions that police and other agencies for working with migrants would start implementing,” Hoffman told BHRT.

He points out that migrants entering BiH have not been tested for the coronavirus and have not respected self-isolation measures, and that all this could jeopardize the existing epidemiological situation in BiH.

Commenting on the statement of the Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers, Fahrudin Radoncic, that he will not allow the opening of a new center for migrants in Sarajevo, Hoffman said that it is necessary to take all steps to deport all those who enter BiH illegally.

“Radoncic is right. We need to know that until the specific situation changes, which is locating, identifying, arresting and deporting all those who entered BiH illegally and who use BiH as a boomerang towards EU countries, “, Hoffman pointed out.




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