Convoy with Ramadan Packages for Returnee Families in BiH departed

The Islamic Community of BiH, in cooperation with the BBI Bank and its partners BBI Real Estate, Klas and EuroAsfalt, organized a humanitarian campaign of division of Ramadan packages in food and hygienic supplies for thousands of returnee families in BiH for the fourth year in a row.

The convoy with packages departed this morning in front of the building of “Klas” in Sarajevo, and the packages are intended for returnees in Kupres, Livno, Duvno, Glamoc, Prnjavor, Bosanska Gradiska, Kotor Varos, Rogatica, Zepa, Visegrad and Rudo.

The head of the Department of Social Responsibility of the Islamic Community of BiH, Hamed Efendic, stated that the value of this year’s donation amounts to 80,000 BAM, and it is consisted of 34 tons of food and hygienic supplies for returnees.

According to him, this help means a lot to returnees, but the most important thing is that they know that someone is taking care of them and that they are not alone.

“The lives of our returnees are mostly difficult, and they are mostly elderly and sick people. Young returnees do not have workplaces and they are surviving from agriculture,” stated Efendic.

Regional manager of Klas, Hasan Mrkalj, noted that ‘Klas’ is traditionally part of this positive story, and they are giving their contribution to this important action for returnees again this Ramadan.

(Source: klix.ba)


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