WTA List: Dea Herdželaš and Jelena Simić achieved best Career Ranking

Female Tennis Players Ranking sportsport.baThe best B&H tennis players, Dea Herdželaš and Jelena Simić, achieved their best career ranking on the latest WTA list.

Herdželaš moved from 332nd place to the 329th. The best B&H tennis player played 24 tournaments this year in which she won 118 points.

Jelena Simić is currently the 462nd tennis player in the world after she moved up by 58 positions. She won 63 points at 14 tournaments.

Third best B&H tennis player, Anita Husarić, is the only one who moved down and is now 709th.

Ema Burgić Bucko (815th) and Jasmina Tinjić (1029th) progressed for 146 and six positions, respectively.


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