Delegation of the Agency Standard & Poor’s staying in Sarajevo

12767952_1731933427043334_692342036_oDelegation of the US agency Standard & Poor’s, which deals with assessing the credit rating of countries around the world, is staying in Sarajevo, and they met with the Prime Minister of FBiH Fadil Novalic yesterday.

The delegation of the Standard & Poor’s was led by Ludwig Heinz and analysts of the agency Aarti Sakhuja and Filip Popovic.

There are many questions on which the guests were looking for answers in order to reach as faithfully as possible the realistic picture of the situation of the economy in the FB&H, and ultimately assess and evaluate the possibility and willingness of return of foreign loans fully and on time.

Questions ranged from the social aspect to changing the situation in the field of labor legislation, business environment, investment opportunities, the labor market through the implementation of the Action Plan of the Reform Agenda.

Unavoidable topic of the meeting was the extension of the loan arrangement with the International Monetary Fund, for which they assessed that the financial part is not as important as sending a clear message of support to our country with the aim of concluding arrangements with other international financial and other institutions.

Part of the questions referred to the recent submission of the application of our country for membership in the European Union and the assessment of the effects that, possible candidate status, might bring.


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