Democratic Front BiH Founded with Željko Komšić as President

DF BIHThe new political party Democratic Front of BiH (DF BiH), confirmed on Sunday in Sarajevo, named member of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić as President.

The decision to form the party was met with a vote by 434 delegates and a Statute for the party was adopted.

At yesterday’s founding assembly, Željko Komšić was unanimously elected as President and General Sifet Podžić as General Secretary.

The leadership of the Democratic Front consists of five presidents, five vice-presidents and 27 members of the Presidency.

After the party Congress, the Presidency will have 15 members because the main committee will be elected.

After distinguished membership suggestions from members in Banja Luka, it was concluded that all documents and symbols from this party will be in latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

In the decision of the establishment of the party, it was defined that DF BiH is a left-centre party that stands for a Republican social system and parliamentary democracy.

“The majority of people in BiH wish for the same: security, stability, and economic certainty and the Democratic Front will try to provide this to them’’, said Komšić.

In a speech at the founding assembly of the DF BiH, Komšić said that this would be a party for all of BiH and for all its peoples.

“I will not play the false role of a multi-ethnic party. I know that, due to my life and war past, I do not have passage to the RS and west Herzegovina, but I have an obligation to find people who will manage to break down those barriers’’, said Komšić.

He insisted that DF BiH in its entirety will be democratically minded, and that the parties’ top bodies will guarantee lower levels full autonomy in its activities and works, including the selection of candidates on the list for elections that are expected next year.

Komšić said how, as the head of the party, it is only temporary and a permanent decision will be made at the Congress that will take place after the elections in 2014.

For the current generation of politicians that are in the government in BiH, he said that it is “already spent” and how it “did not demonstrate to be capable”, and he suggested that the time has come for new uncompromising people.

He announced that the DF BiH will do everything in order to change the current state of hopelessness in the country, and expressed readiness to talk with all democratically minded partners.

Komšić announced the founding of a new party in 2012, when he left the Social Democratic Party of BiH, where he was a long-time member and senior official.

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