Federal Delegates took over One Million BAM for only Four Sessions!


The federal delegates have taken more than 1.1 million BAM for the nine months of this year, that is, for the period of four sessions, one time to form the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament.

Visiting family

Due to the fact that there is a link from the transmission of sessions on the website of the House of Peoples, it can be concluded that the delegates spent about 20 hours in these four sessions.

During this time, some 30,000 BAM were collected from the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In translation, these are 73 minimum wages that are not even guaranteed at this time or 80 minimum pensions that most retirees receive and who have earned their pensions by working at least eight hours a day.

The delegates’ earnings for the nine months of this year were posted on the House of Peoples website. These incomes include salary, a hot meal, charge for separated living allowances, accommodation, rent and a four-week family visitation fee. A sum of 456 BAM per delegate was also paid. However, nothing was spent on daily allowances and transportation, but about 4,000 BAM were given for using the car.

It is evident from the published document that delegates Tomislav Mandic and Ljubinka Atanasijevic have the highest incomes exceeding 30,000 BAM. Senad Alic (about 8,100 BAM) and Zarko Vujevic (about 6,300 BAM) were the least collected from the federal budget. In the parliamentary procedure, Delegate Segmedina Srna-Bajramovic sent an amendment to this law that would abolish at least a sum of 660 BAM for professional parliamentarians. But for now, none of that will happen.

Income in numbers 840.081 BAM for salaries 51,198 BAM for meal 76.779 BAM for separate life 18.998 BAM accommodation 33.976 BAM for four weekends 74,442 BAM lump sum, Avaz Newspapers reports.


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