Mujo Sofradzija is the New Mayor of Foca

In the early elections for the mayor of Foca / Ustikolina in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), based on 100 percent of processed polling stations, the independent candidate Mujo Sofradzija received the most votes. Sofradzija won 26.31 percent of the vote, while Mensad Arnaut (NBL-A-SDA “Together for Ustikolina”) won 25.78 percent of the voters’ trust.

Mensud Borovic (SDA) received 24.60 percent of the votes, and the independent candidate Mensur Karahodza 23.32 percent of the votes, it was published on the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH.

There were 935 valid ballots, which is 99.68 percent, there were no blank ballots, while three ballots, or 0.32 percent, were invalid according to other criteria.

In Ustikolina, 1,605 voters had the right to vote in yesterday’s elections, who could vote at four polling stations.

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