Destiny of the Sarajevo Boy from the War Photo

12822628_1118315001552788_125253467_o“Mickey Mouse! This is one of my dearest war photos. I barely knew Alen, we have seen each other three times, but I felt like I have known him for eternity and he made my life so happier. The last time we met was in August, at Holiday Inn, where he started working on a film for Proba and some Italians. Of course I was happy for that accidental encounter, knowing that the exhibition ‘Children in war’ with him as the main star was soon to be presented. Unfortunately, short after that he was killed in a car crash,” the Sarajevo photographer Milomir Kovačević Strašni wrote on his Facebook profile.

Kovačević’s photo of a boy from the besieged Sarajevo dressed in a Mickey Mouse shirt, holding a rifle in his arm, became one of the most recognizable symbols of the four-year siege.

Boy from the photo was Alen Šehović. The 32-year-old Šehović was killed in November last year in a car crash, a drunk driver crashed into his moped with his car, fleeing the crash scene afterwards.

Member of the Border Police of BiH Admir Čorbo was responsible for the crash. Although suspected of committing a serious criminal offense against the safety of public traffic and failure to provide assistance to the injured person in a car accident, and adding the fact that he was intoxicated, Čorbo was released soon after being arrested, upon the decision by the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo.

12825215_1118314984886123_1093477841_nAfter Alen’s death, his friends created the Facebook group “Justice for Alen”, through which they indicate actions of reckless drivers who are sowing death on the BiH roads every day, at the same time demanding more severe sanctions and more determined action by the BiH judiciary in such cases.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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