Destruction of 248 kilograms weighing Air Bomb on Sunday

meeting (2)Air bomb from World War II that was found in Bosanska Otoka will be destroyed on Sunday, as announced yesterday from the Federal Administration of Civil Protection after an emergency session.

Bomb that is weighing 248 kilograms has a very sensitive igniter which must not be rapidly moved or stroked, and the action of neutralization and destruction was very carefully planned. The bomb is located at a depth of 90 centimeters and it is in the vicinity of residential buildings, so the population will be evacuated.

“This is a coordinated activity of the Armed Forces and Civil Protection. Procedure of destruction was made from preparatory work to performing. It will be the first time that neutralization and destruction of this kind of bomb, which dates from 1944, is done on the site” said the Commander of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection and the Minister of Finance, Jelka Milicevic.

Director of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection Fahrudin Solak demonstrated what kind of bomb this is, adding that the entire Bosanska Otoka will be secured.

“Almost 10,000 residents will be placed at their relatives, in collective centers and hotels in Buzim, Bosanska Krupa and Bihac. This was resolved by the local authorities,” said Solak.

(Source: klix.ba)

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