Development of Agriculture and Environmental Protection- Srbac, Prnjavor, Kozarska Dubica and Gradiška Will Form “Eco-Region”

a-5Municipalities Srbac, Prnjavor, Gradiška and Kozarska Dubica are involved in a pilot project entitled “Eco-Region”, whose goal is to develop agriculture, water, environment, ecology and tourism in the area of these four municipalities. The project will be realized in the framework of the joint company “Eko-pro za Evropu”, which began its work this past week. Its headquarters are located in municipality Srbac, announced on the website of this municipality.

“Our main activity will be the development of small and medium-sized businesses and the formation of cooperatives to deal with agriculture, animal husbandry, vegetable and fruit growing, development of tourism and food processing. The emphasis will be on eco-enterprise, and in particular the establishment of a drain-waste system in order to preserve the environment and to be able to operate with a profit’’, said the Mayor of Srbac Drago Ćirić.

He pointed out that the project will specifically cover large livestock farms and livestock enterprises that potentially endanger the environment, in order to adopt to environmental standards.

“The goal is to also establish large estates with monocultures of economic and commercial offices so that in the future there will be more families living there and for there to be an average of 20 hectares for a family of 5 members’’, said Ćirić.

This company will be led by the managing advice of 5 members, with Johan Fon Nata Ditei, the manager of the German company “Moeven Gmbh”, which is implementing this project. He will present this newly formed company to international partners.

“The agreement stipulates that “Eko-regija” is successfully formed and earns a profit by 2017 at the latest. We will look for support from EU funds and the German Society for International Cooperation (GTZ), as well as other international organizations’’, said Ćirić.

He added that in this four-year period, they have to form the relevant scientific-research institutes for ecology in the areas of agriculture, livestock, forestry, water management and purification and sewage.

The first joint activity will be realized today, where representatives of all signatories from the municipalities and several eminent fruit producers will gather and officially formalize the start of the implementation of the project. This will take place at the orchard of Milutin Bogosavac in Kaoci.


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