Dodik: The Referendum on the Independence of the RS will happen eventually

dodik04-600x400President of the RS Milorad Dodik said that he is convinced that the referendum on the independence of the RS will eventually happen.

He said that it does not matter whether he will lead it or not, but it will happen, because “BiH is a hybrid that does not work.”

Dodik stated that foreigners are those who are maintaining BiH.

If the US ambassador Maureen Cormack and several other ambassadors, British and others, would step back, BiH would not even exist. They are working for BiH more than they are representing their countries, said the president of this BH entity.

However, he added, when conditions are met, the referendum will be held.

Regarding the announcement of the opposition in the RS that they will ask the National Assembly of the RS to vote no confidence in the Government of RS, Dodik said that this request will not pass, because the opposition does not have a majority in the Government.

He said for the Government of the RS that he has a majority for what he does and that there is no need for reconstruction within the executive power of this BH entity.

On the question whether the SNSD, whose president he is, has a parliamentary majority for the sale of shares of the mine “Ljubija” in Prijedor, since the DNS which is in the coalition with them will not support the privatization, Dodik said that it remains to be seen whether they will have a sufficient number of delegates.

According to him, “Ljubija” will not threaten the ruling coalition in the RS, and he thinks that it is a good offer by “Israeli investment group” in the amount of 92 million BAM for state shares in the mine, which, as he noted, will provide funds for increase of pension and incentives for agricultural producers in the RS.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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