Regional Energy Forum Tuzla to be held in Tuzla in May

refThe third Regional Energy Forum Tuzla – REF 2017 will take place in Tuzla, on May 24 and 25, in the hotel “Mellain”.

Regional Energy Forum Tuzla – REF is held on an annual basis and it represents the event in which renowned experts from BiH and regional countries discuss current topics in the field of energy policy, the use of new technologies, and direction of energy development. REF’s main mission is to act as a regional platform for energy transition.

Regional countries committed to respect the strategy, policy and legal framework of the European Union (EU) in the fields of energy, environment, and competition whether as member state of the EU or through the signing of the Energy Community Treaty.

The final aim of accession to the Energy Community Treaty is to develop a regional energy market and its integration into the internal market of network energetics of the EU (electricity and natural gas). Thus, the first thematic program of REF 2017 will be focused on the process of building the Energy Union, and the basic concept of the so-called “Winter package of reforms of the EU” with special reflection on the region.

A special event within the REF 2017 is dedicated to the inclusion and giving the opportunity to young professionals from BiH and the region to present their works and projects that are making a contribution to the process of energy transition, considering that the energy transition is a decades-long process that will be realized by today’s young experts.

As in previous years, on the Forum will participate representatives of the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, and number of other international and BH experts from the field of energy and economy  confirmed their participation, as well as representatives of relevant ministries, regulatory institutions, system operators, market, and numerous other participants that are interested in this event.

Development Association NERDA is the holder of activities of the Regional Energy Forum – REF 2017 and they organized this forum with the support of the European Climate Foundation, whose headquarters are in Brussels.



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