Dodik wrote to Ban Ki-moon: Citizens will express Opinions through Referendum!

Dodik Letter to Ban Ki-moon faktor.baThe President of the RS Milorad Dodik sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon yesterday.

Dodik also sent an official Response to the special report which was submitted to Ban ki-moon on Setember 4th by the High Representative in B&H Valentin Inzko.

Dodik pointed out that the RS “expresses strong opposition to the special report in which the High Representative ‘concludes’ that the RS is violating the Dayton Peace Agreement”.

“Alleged basis for this conclusion is the plan of the RS to hold a referendum and thereby ask the citizens’ opinion on the unlawful imposition of the laws in B&H, including the laws on the Court of B&H and the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H”, Dodik wrote.

Dodik further points out that the RS proves that Inzko is not the supreme authority for the interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and that the planned referendum is “a significant element of the endeavors of the RS to implement key reforms of the judiciary in B&H”.

Dodik claims that no decision is being reached with the referendum, but the citizens of the RS are to express their opinion, which is a guaranteed right to all the citizens in democratic countries.

“Whatever RS decides to do as the response to the result of the referendum will be in accordance with the constitutions of B&H and the RS. High Representative wrongly judged the Republic of Srpska for the procedures after the referendum which he did not state, and which the RS did not undertake either”, stated Dodik, among other things, in his letter to Ban Ki-moon and requested from the Security Council of the UN to reject the special report of the High Representative.

(Source: klix.ba)

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