Dogs Trust sterilized 32,000 abandoned Dogs in BiH until now

Dogs Trust School for dogs helped owners from Livno, Canton 10, to teach their pets basic commands through the principle of positive motivation, permanently teach them good behaviour and establish a strong bond with them that will last until the end of a pet’s life.

The Dog School was in the visit to Livno for five weeks – which is a whole cycle that is needed for education of owners about the training of their dogs on the principles of positive motivation. The response was more than good. A total of 😯 owners and their dogs were included in this education program.

Training brings great benefits to owners, dogs, as well as the entire community. Especially for owners, because they learn about the nature and character of their dog and how to establish a strong relationship with them and how to make their pet happy while obeying his owner.

The Dogs Trust Foundation provides a very important advisory, technical and financial support to BiH when it comes to the process of implementation of the law, as well as the establishment of an efficient, self-sustainable and humane system for management of dogs, which is determined by this progressive, pro-European law.

Besides the training programs for veterinaries, program of mass sterilization for abandoned dogs, free sterilization of owner’s dogs, and the School for dogs, the branch office of Dogs Trust also supports the Program of education of school children, which is aimed to teach children how to be as safe as possible while in contact with a dog. This program is very important because the children are the most vulnerable category of society and our future belongs to them. Therefore, educated generations guarantee the viability of the solution.

Around 150,000 children from all over BiH went through this program.

The new program that should start in the upcoming months and with which the Dogs Trust Foundation would get involved in the process of the adoption of dogs for the first time in BiH, is Fostering program.

It is also very important to note that the first steps towards the establishment of the first Dogs Trust center for fostering dogs that will be constructed in the municipality of Ilidza were made. This center will be important not only for this municipality, canton or BiH, but for the wider region as well, because this would be the only great Dogs Trust center for fostering that is based outside the UK.

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