Donate Blood for Children suffering from Cancer in the Parent’s House

Voluntary blood donation will be organized in the period from 11 AM to 5 PM on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in the Pediatric Clinic Center in Jezero, Sarajevo.

This activity is organized by the Association “The Heart for Children with Cancer”, the Red Cross of the FBiH, the Red Cross of the Municipality Centar and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of the FBiH.

Every child suffering from cancer needs blood during chemotherapy.

They often receive several doses per week. Donated blood means life for them, because they would not be able to continue their treatment without it. Therefore, they invite all citizens who have the opportunity to come to the Parents’ House on May 15 to donate a part of themselves that can save a child’s life.

Children suffering from cancer are true heroes, but they also need their heroes to support them. You can be their hero!

“With the activity of voluntary blood donation in the Parent’s House we will finalize the Week of the Red Cross, which is held from May 8 to May 15. I believe that this is the most beautiful way to demonstrate the power of humanity. We would like to invite all citizens to take part in this activity. Blood is a cure and its source is a human being, it cannot be exchanged for anything else, and it cannot be artificially produced. One doze of blood can save three human lives, and then we can only imagine what is the value of a single volunteer blood donor. Therefore, let’s donate blood, let’s be someone’s hero,” said Secretary General of the Red Cross of the FBiH, Namik Hodzic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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