Donation of 250.000 BAM: Sanela Jenkins to help remove Stray Dogs

sanelaFoundation Sanela Diana Jenkins will give support to the Foundation Dogs Trust in the amount of 250,000 BAM for establishment of the Center for adopting dogs in Sarajevo, with the aim of humanely removing stray dogs off the streets and finding them a happy home.

Prompted by reports regarding the problem of stray dogs in her hometown, Jenkins, who is a great lover of animals, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, decided to support the efforts of the mentioned Foundation and the Government of the Canton Sarajevo in resolving this issue.

“I am the owner of several dogs that I love and I think the same way about other dogs that do not have their own home,” said Jenkins.

“Dogs do not belong on the street and that is not good neither for citizens nor the dogs. The entire population, and especially the children, need peaceful street, and dogs need their own surroundings and comfortable home. Things that I’ve learned from professionals from the foundation says that the only system of resolving the issue is possible with the active involvement of the Government of Canton Sarajevo. I am glad that the relevant ministers, cantonal professional institutions and Prime Minister Elmedin Konakovic himself expressed commitment to one comprehensive approach that will most certainly lead to results,” stated Jenkins.

According to her, it is necessary to take a look at how other world’s metropolis solved this issue, Sarajevo can do the same, especially with the support from the Foundation Dogs Trust, the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world that is operating in BiH since 2012, through its representative offices.

“I am especially glad that the Centre for adopting dogs was established under the same premium standards that are used in over 20 centers for adopting dogs that are managed by this Foundation,” said Jenkins.

“I believe that it is very important for our capital city to become the first one to have this kind of center in this part of Europe. This would contribute to the international affirmation of BiH and Sarajevo, and we would also become an example of effective and humane resolving of this issue,” concluded Sanela Jenkins.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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