Our Dragon is a Candidate for the Fair-Play Prize in MLS?

haris medunjaIt is difficult to find a sporting event in the United States and to become the main star next to brilliant basketball players, hockey players, American football players, or baseball players, but our Dragon Haris Medunjanin managed to achieve that.

A fair-play move by our Dragon during the match between his Union and D.C. United delighted all fans of the MLS, in which Medunjanin arrived this year.

Luciano Acosta got a red card after a foul on our Dragon, after which Medunjanin approached the referee and explained that Acosta did not hit him but only pushed him and the referee decided to cancel the red card.

This Medunjanin’s move delighted everyone. He became a star of the day in the USA where it is not easy to become one, and many players of MLS, as well as fans of other clubs, “tweeted” in honor of our Dragon.

Many of them complimented him and wrote that he showed great human and moral qualities to the US public.

With this move, Medunjanin secured his candidacy for the fair-play prize for this season.


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