During Ramadan, more than 20.000 Somuns were distributed to People who were fasting in BiH

During the month of Ramadan, the Regional Committee of Merhamet Mostar distributed more than 20.000 somuni (flatbreads) to fasting people, the elderly, and families in need in its humanitarian mission this year, and cheered up many Muslims in Herzegovina.

The director of the Regional Committee of Merhamet in Mostar, Adnin Hasic, said that the goal of this year’s Ramadan action was to share the joy of Ramadan with as many believers as possible in the wider area of Herzegovina and deliver 20.000 somuni to the doors of people who were fasting, which makes him very happy.

“This year’s Ramadan action was very successful because thanks to cooperation with many humanitarian individuals and organizations we managed to share the joy of Ramadan with a large number of believers during the Mubarak month. We allocated more than 20 thousand iftar somuni, and with today and the last day of Ramadan 21.100 iftar somuni will be divided in Herzegovina, ” Hasic told the other day.

Proud of the successful action, he pointed out that more than 100 volunteers from partner associations, groups, and individuals from the wider area of Herzegovina participated, without whom, as he emphasized, it would be impossible to implement this demanding and complex project.

“We are proud that the citizens, associations, and volunteers persisted in supporting our project, and we are immensely grateful to them for that,” the interlocutor emphasized.

Every day, they delivered somuni for the Association “Together for our city”, which prepares iftars for users of their kitchen who were fasting, and also to the collective center in the settlement of Bafo, as well as the Home for children without parental care.

“We came in almost all cities from Duvno to Trebinje. In many returnee villages, we witnessed the smiles of people we delighted with iftar somuni, Ramadan packages, and dates. The most beautiful prayers were sent to us from the doorsteps and yards and to experience that feeling is priceless. You simply feel proud with the complete conviction that you did a good deed “, said Hasic.

He emphasized that this Ramadan story showed how important community is because all the difficulties that arose during the activities were successfully resolved to the satisfaction of all.

In addition to iftar somuni during Ramadan, they also distributed Ramadan packages to families of lower financial status daily, and delivered 250 Ramadan packages to returnees in Eastern Herzegovina.

Also, Hasic pointed out that during this year’s Ramadan in Prozor, they reactivated the work of Merhamet and distributed about 120 food packages and dates, while in the area of Herzegovina they distributed more than 800 Ramadan packages to families in need and 2.500 kilograms of dates.

“Our Public Kitchen in Jablanica prepared more than 750 iftars, which we also delivered to fasting people from families in need and the elderly in the area of Jablanica, Konjic, and Mostar. On the eve and during Ramadan throughout Herzegovina, we handed out 487 gift vouchers to children from low-income families in the value of 50 BAM, which can be used for the purchase of clothes, shoes, and school supplies in all Bingo shopping centers,” Hasic explained, Klix.ba writes.


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