Elections in Croatian Diaspora opened: Most voters registered in B&H

electionsOn Saturday and Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., polling stations for parliamentary elections for the 8th session of the Croatia Parliament, which will count 151 members, are opened in diaspora.

According to the Ministry of Administration, the list of voters, which was concluded on the 30th of October, counts a total of 3,791,341 voters for the parliamentary elections in 2015. The number of voters who reside in Croatia is 3,755,065, and in diaspora is actively registered 36,276 voters without residence in Croatia. Most of them, a total of 21,632, were registered in B&H, 5,882 in Germany, 1,040 in Serbia, 922 in Switzerland, and 862 voters in Austria.

There is a total of 263 polling stations opened in diaspora, most of them (124) was opened in B&H, 23 polling stations are opened in Germany, 15 in Serbia and 8 polling stations in Austria. There will be 4 places for voting in Montenegro, and one in Slovenia. There is a total of 2,311 candidates for elections, 1,354 male (58.59 %) and 957 female (41.41 %).

The election campaign lasted for two weeks, and more than 2,300 candidates in 166 electoral lists presented themselves to voters.

Parliament representatives, a total of 151 of them, will be elected by secret ballot for a mandate of 4 years. In the 10 electoral units will be selected 14 of them, the diaspora will elect 3 representatives in the 11th electoral unit, and members of national minorities will elect 8 representatives in the 12th electoral unit.

(Source: klix.ba)


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