Embassy of B&H in Pakistan in a Humanitarian Program for Refugees

Nedim MakarevicEmbassy of B&H in Pakistan participated in the fund-raising dinner and the charity concert held in the city of Peshawar for refugees in Fatah, the border zone with Afghanistan, under the name “Together for peace“.

Together with the Embassy of Japan, the Embassy of B&H was one of the active participants as in the program as well as in the organization of the manifestation itself, said the ambassador of B&H in Pakistan, Nedim Makarevic.

The event was attended by the representatives of numerous embassies, military and civil sector of Pakistan and numerous politicians from the province PKP (Khyber Pantukwa).

Ambassador Makarevic addressed at the event on the theme of the security presenting the project which was launched at the beginning of this year under the name “Be fair, be righteous“, and is related to the massacre in Peshawar in which 130 children and 12 adults were killed.

This terrible act was done by those who considered it as a revenge for the offensive of the Pakistani army at the northwest of the country.

(Source: klix.ba)

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