Emergency Number 112 to be introduced in FB&H soon?

emBearing in mind that, according to the report of the European Commission on Progress of B&H, the country made lest progress in terms of introducing the 112 Operational Center, the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) together with other relevant institutions is implementing activities on bringing B&H into the European community of civil protection administrations.

B&H and Albania are the only two countries in Europe which have not yet introduced the unique 112 emergency number.

“The FUCZ formed a work group for the making of a study of introducing the 112 Operational Center at the territory of FB&H. Those appointed to this work group are the international expert in protection and rescue in the domain of operational centers Mirnesa Softić, the former chief of the Operational Center B&H Željko Dugonjić, and the Director of the Civil Protection Administration of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Eugen Ćubela,” said the Director of FCUZ Fahrudin Solak.

All activities on introducing the 112 Operational Center, which are being performed in cooperation with the Ministry of Security of B&H, are planned to be finished by the end of 2016.

“With the introduction of operational centers, schedule of operational units of rescue services would be precisely known. In that case, security of the citizens would be increased, the response in case of natural or other disasters would be increased as well. For now, citizens have to call four or five phone numbers in case someone is lost on a mountain,” Solak said.

Solak concluded that financial means for the work of the centers and final introduction of the unique European emergency number 112 must be provided through budgets and donations. Furthermore, he stated that the European Union and the UNDP highlighted that they will support the mentioned activities through their projects.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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