Energoinvest Celebrated 63rd Birthday

energoinvest_fffWith the decision of the President of the Executive Council of the People’s Republic of B&H Đure Pucara on 19 April 1951, Energoinvest was officially founded. It became one of the biggest B&H companies, writes Patria Agency.

Five decades later, the company is a leading group for engineering and design in the world, employing thousands of people, and obtaining the most demanding jobs from east to west. During the war in B&H from 1992 to 1995, the company was mostly destroyed, but in recent years ‘Energoinvest’ is returning to its position in new market conditions.

Enes Čengić, the current director of ‘Energoinvest’, said to Patria that on its 63rd birthday, the company employs around 700 people, and that the company invests much in a young and educated personnel. With this, the company is once again experiencing a boom.

He said it is interesting that ‘Energoinvest’ was once the pillar of the economy of B&H, and that today the company’s total business in the local market does not exceed 10 percent.

‘’All of our jobs are mainly tied to the demanding European market, as well as other markets such as the Gulf countries’’, said Čengić.

He explained that since 2011 ‘Energoinvest’ has been annually doubling its business, and that it has agree on projects throughout 2014.

63 years ago, the first director of ‘Energoinvest’ was Emerik Blum, a Czech student of electrical engineering whose heritage was from a poor Sarajevo Jewish family, writes Patria.


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