Energoinvest Got the Job Contract in Algeria of 9.6 Million Euro

energonvestEnergoinvest continues to receive important jobs at the international market. A few days ago the Algerian GRTE awarded this company with a new contract, as the successful bidder in the international tender and refers to the substation vEI Karma 2×40 MVA.

The contract is notified on 19th August 2013 and an original copy is delivered to Energoinvest. The price of substation El Karma is around 9.6 million euros. The deadline for implementation of this project is 22 months.

Energoinvest in the first half of the year operated with positive results, with a net profit of 278 thousand KM, and in the same period last year operated with a loss of 2.9 million KM.
The company has increased the profit for around ten million KM in comparison to the same period last year from 157.5 million KM to 167.1 million KM.

At the same time, there are significantly increased revenues from sales in foreign markets, in comparison to local, where there was a decline.
Operating expenses are increased from 162.8 million KM to 166.1 million KM.
Energoinvest employs 665 workers.



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