Engagement at Tuzla Airport – A real Film Story!

engagemenetThe fact that love can be as romantic as stories on the movie screens, was confirmed with the unusual engagement of Ilija Kojic from Ljeskovac and Mariana Golubovic from Tuzla.

After only a month of dating, Ilija knew that Mariana is a woman of his life, and he did not want to leave anything to chance. With the help of Mariana’s cousins, friends and his sister Dragana Kojic, Ilijas future wife was “tricked” to sit on a plane and come from Switzerland, where she currently resides.

In this love story also participated employees of Tuzla airport. We do not know what the young Mariana was thinking while flying over Tuzla, but she could not imagine the surprise that was waiting for her after landing the plane.

Her arrival was followed by melody track: “Will you marry me”, which Ilija played for his precious as the announcement of something beautiful that is going to happen after her feet touch the ground. Everyone who participated in this unusual surprise, turned to her in the rhythm of the while wit Mariana could read on their T-shirts letters which formed only one thing question: WILL YOU MARRY ME?!

The girl, of course, said YES! And who could refuse Ilija’s effort, which for only one question, made Mariana’s heart filled with indescribable joy and make her a special woman.

The story is really unusual, and leaves us room to think that in today’s instant lifestyle there are still souls that would do anything to make their hearts crowned by the most beautiful romantic moments.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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