European Path of BiH Is Not Compromised

The expansion of the EU will not be halted because of internal problems that caused the announcement of a referendum on the exit of Great Britain from the EU, nor will it affect the European path of BiH. This attitude remains undivided by the international community in BiH and experts in EU relations.

In connection with this, Andy McGuffie, the chief spokesman of the EU Delegation to BiH, reiterated for “Nezavisne Novine” that all 27 EU member states expressed their full commitment to the European perspective of BiH, including a number of recent findings of the Council.

When asked by reporters whether EU enlargement will become secondary due to the announcement of Great Britain to leave, and what implications this might have for BiH’s path to European integration, McGuffie said:

“The fact that the European Commission now advises on the second generation of the pre-accession funds (IPA) is an added sign of our commitment to the citizens of BiH and their European future. The question of the relationship between Great Britain with the EU is a question for the government and citizens in Great Britain. The Special Representative of the EU and Head of the EU Delegation to BiH cannot speculate on the development of the political situation in Great Britain”.

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