BiH Has the Undivided Support of EU Member States

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Ana Trišić-Babić spoke with the Ambassador of Turkey to BiH Ahmet Yildiz in Sarajevo about the current issues regarding BiH’s path towards NATO and the EU, as well as bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Trišić-Babić spoke with him about the meeting between the EU member states and states that are on the road towards the EU, which was held recently in Dublin.

BiH enjoys the undivided support of the EU member states for its road to integration, and from that point of view it is very important that BiH implements the Sejdić-Finci judgment until April of this year. This would open the possibility of filing an application for candidate status and the acceptance of BiH as a candidate status country in 2013.

They agreed that the process of NATO integration at the level of experts is very well done, before which the Commission for the NATO integration process for BiH is successfully implementing all tasks imposed by the Council of Ministers.

The importance of the recent dispatch of 25 military police in the NATO Mission to Afghanistan was highlighted, which allowed BiH to once again confirm its readiness to support peace that is led by the Alliance, as well as the desire and to be a part of that security community.

Deputy Minister Trišić-Babić noted an example of the development of the Peace Support Operation Training Center (PSOTC), as a modern center certified for internationally certified training professionals to participate in NATO and UN peace-building missions.

Ambassador Yildiz stressed his satisfaction with the work of the center, and reiterated that the institution sends a message of BiH as a country that is changing its role in the region and in the world.

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