Ex-ordinary: Exhibition about Life in the Former Yugoslavia and Life Now

izlozba exAt the Sarajevo gallery  Collegium Artisticum on Wednesday, 18th September at 19 pm the exhibition “Ex-ordinary” as part of the project “No Borders No Nations” will open. 

The exhibition Ex-ordinary is jointly conceived, created and implemented by the curators and artists from seven cities of the former Yugoslavia: Priština, Skopje, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Zagreb.

The regional dimension of this project does not consist only in the formal gathering of artists and curators from the region of the former Yugoslavia, but also in the discussion and reflection of what was once a unique geographic, social and cultural space.

The exhibition Ex-ordinary will initiate many questions and issues about the transition process and the new social, economic, political circumstances in the region of the former Yugoslavia.


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