Exchange of Information between Tax Administrations in BiH agreed

meeting tax administrationThe exchange of information between tax administrations in BiH, especially in the area of direct and indirect taxes, was one of the topics of yesterday’s meeting of four directors of tax administrations in BiH.

“Quality exchange of tax information is one of the tasks of the Reform Agenda in BiH,” as said in the statement of the Indirect Taxation Authority.

Tax administrations earlier established a coordination body that has already established a basic data exchange.

With the aim of better and more adequate control of tax administrations, the exchange of tax information should be put up to a higher level.

For this reason, at the meeting was agreed that all four of the tax administration in BiH will submit a joint application to the EU Delegation, in order for the IPA funds to provide resources in the amount of 600,000 BAM for the purchase of necessary equipment in the form of hardware so that the exchange of data would be as efficient as possible, and therefore control of each tax administration would be more efficient.

The sectors for information technology in each tax administration will make the basic specification of the equipment that is most needed by each tax administration. Based on that will be made one common specification of necessary hardware equipment that will be the subject of a joint application for IPA funds.

At the joint meeting were discussed all control activities that are currently planned to be implemented and carried out in the future in all tax administrations.

Also, they talked about certain activities in the field that will implement all of the tax administration in the future, especially in the segment with a large amount of traffic that is paid in cash in certain activities in BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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