Exclusive Hotel City One Diamond opened its doors in the Heart of Sarajevo

hotel CITY ONE DIAMONDIn early March this year, in Hadziristica Street in the heart of Sarajevo, the exclusive hotel City One Diamond Star was opened on the location of a residential villa that was reconstructed and turned into an object with the completely different look and purpose.

The object of the hotel City One Diamond was conceived and designed as a facility of a city “boutique” hotel in modern European style, where all visitors, and especially visitors from Western Europe, would have the perfect atmosphere and comfort as they are used to at hotels in their home countries. Although they aspired to the modern appearance of the building, they could not ignore the location and tradition of using materials such as wood and stone in the area of Bascarsija, so that the facade of the hotel was lined with these materials, but in a modern form, texture and mode of installation and presentation.

A great number of visitors was announced in the summer period, which represents a peak of tourist season in the capital of BiH. The object of housing villa has three residential floors except for the ground floor: two floors with a normal floor height, and the last floor on the loft. Each of the three floors is divided into four different units with comfortable rooms for two people and a large bathroom with the area of 23-28 square meters.

In the ground floor of the hotel is placed the reception, the lobby of the hotel and a restaurant that has a special exclusivity as the first Lebanese restaurant in BiH. The opening of the wellness area in the basement of the hotel and two VIP suites on the top floor represent the second part of the investment.

Hotel City One Diamond represents one of the capital investment in this part of the city in the past year, which aims to raise the whole area to a higher level, both on the architectural and tourist-catering aspect. The city of Sarajevo is becoming a major tourist center of the region and the need for hotel facilities is increasing every year.

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