Exhibition about Prophet Muhammad opened in Sarajevo

12357937_1062168310501880_462608918_n (1)The eleventh event “Selam, ja Resulallah”, with which the marking of the month of birth of the Prophet Muhammad started, was officially opened yesterday at the Brusa bezistan with an exhibition about the Prophet Muhammad.

Yesterday’s opening of the exhibition by Asst. Prof. Dr. Esmir Halilović was attended by the Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in B&H, his deputy Husein ef. Smajić, the Mufti of Sarajevo Enes Ljevaković, Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Konaković, Director of the Museum Muamer Šehović, as well as numerous individuals from public life of the city of Sarajevo.

The eleventh event “Selam, ja Resulallah” started with the distribution of 571 roses, symbolizing the year of birth of Prophet Muhammad, and with an exhibition which, according to Halilović, gave visual insight into the life of the last Allah’s prophet.

The Head imam Ferid ef. Dautović highlighted that it is a great honor that the exhibition is presented precisely in Sarajevo, for the first time at the territory of Europe.

In his address, Kavazović said that it is a great pleasure that the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Sarajevo decided to mark the month of birth of the Prophet Muhammad in addition to the month of Ramadan.

“On this day we can see traces of what is left of the material heritage of the Prophet Muhammad. As Muslims, we have two important facts in front of us – Qur’an has been sent through this prophet in the month of Ramadan. It is a special month for Sarajevo and we all expect it with special attention and say goodbye to it with great longing. I am happy that the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Sarajevo marks another month of mawlid in Sarajevo, the birthday of Allah’s Prophet, and that it bestowed its citizens with this event,” Kavazović said and thanked all those who contributed to this exhibition.

Esmir Halilović, author of the exhibition, said that the exhibition should represent the true Islam as it is in its original form, not how others represent it.

“The exhibition was being created during past eight months, while the necessary materials were collected, and with this exhibition we wanted to represent the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. This is a great opportunity to present the life of the Prophet Muhammad and who Muslims really are, in this time of Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims,” Halilović said.

The exhibition includes 33 panels which show details from the life of the Prophet Muhammad, models of Prophet’s house, mosques and the entire Medina, as well as the documentaries in Bosnian language.

The exhibition is to be opened in Sarajevo in the period from December 11 to 26.


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