Exhibition “Memories in Stone” shows a special aspect of the Beauty of BH Historical Heritage

The exhibition “Memories in Stone”, which was opened in the National Museum of BiH, shows a special aspect of beauty of our rich heritage. It is a multimedia and multidisciplinary project that gathers an international team of researchers and artists who are originally from BiH.

The “Memories in Stone” exhibition was originally realized at the Ismaili Center in Toronto under the auspices of the Foundation “Aga Khan” back in 2017. Its main focus is on the cemeteries of the Ottoman funeral culture that is reflected in architecture, iconography and epigraphic.

Authors of this exhibition are prominent scientists, historians and artists led by Amila Buturovic (York University, Toronto, Canada), a historian of culture and religion whose research work is dealing with cemeteries from the early Ottoman period and she analyzes the changes in the culture of death, which represents a result of Ottomanization and Islamization in this region. This exhibition, among other things, explains how historical changes were recorded in stone.

The team of authors include Azra Aksamija, historian of architecture and conceptual artist, visual artist Velibor Bozovic and internationally renowned sculptor Adis Elias Fejzic.

The exhibition represents the result of cooperation between the BH -American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS) and the National Museum of BiH. It will be open to all visitors by September 31.

(Source:, Photo: National Museum of BiH)




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