Exhibition of photos by photo-school beginners in ”BlackBOX” Gallery

This Thursday, 21 February, at 7 p.m., exhibition of six beginners of photo-school will be opened in Sarajevo ”BlackBOX” Gallery.

Ajna Đikić, Almir Kubat, Amina Babić, Amina Kamra – Maglić, Džihad Zlatar i Marina Dimova who had 16 classes under the guidance of Agdal Nuhanović, who’s currently a post-graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo under the tutorship p of Mehmed Akšamija will present their photos.

The photos were made in accordance to art rules which they learnt during in the photo-school.

Twelve photos will be exhibited at the exhibition, and the partner of photo-school is Sony.

The exhibition will be opened by 28 February.

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