B&H Art Group ‘Zvono’ Exhibits at Gallery Tate in Liverpool

131106012.1_xlIdeas of collectivism and solidarity and their impact on art from the French Revolution to today presents the conceptual framework of the exhibition ‘Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789-2013’, which will be open in the British Gallery Tate in Liverpool from 8 2013 November to 2 February 2014.

The aim of the exhibition is to reformulate the debate on ‘political’ art, to shift the focus from explicit political messages to the values of artistic processes and strategies for art to get closer to the wider public. Artworks by artists from various parts of the world in the span of two centuries will be presented.

Artworks by the B&H group ‘Zvono’ from the 1980’s will be exhibited.

Art group ‘Zvono’ was founded in 1982, and in a way to experience art and presenting art created a different artistic concept, one that was different from the then dominant forms, and with the permanent intention to get art closer to a grassroots audience. Three decades after its founding, ‘Zvono’ members cherish the same relationship to art, exposing and acting creatively together whenever their circumstances permits, and given the physical distance now.


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