Explosive Devices and Ammunition removed from the Una River

600_1474038564spoasavanje-potraga_4Within the third expert mission for demining in 2016, in the period from August 29 until September 11 the diving team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with members of the diving and pyrotechnic team of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FCUZ), located and destroyed unexploded ordnance and ammunition left from the war in the canyon of the Una River, at the locality of the Black Lake in the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa.

The divers located and extracted 706 devices: 91 explosive devices and 615 pieces of ammunition. Two unexploded ordnance (TTM M 609 and TTM G Spgr 30 mm) were destroyed at the location where they were found and the remaining 704 devices were destroyed at the polygon Grabež in Bihać.

Apart from unexploded ordnance, a certain amount of ammunition, license plates and other objects were also extracted at the locality Black Lake and handed over to the Police Station Bosanska Krupa.

This was the continuation of activities launched at the territory of BiH in 2011. So far, the riverbed of Sava River at the territory of Orašje, Odžak and Brčko was cleared. A large number of unexploded ordnance was found, including two air bombs near Brčko.

This cooperation was implemented within the Memorandum of understanding signed by the Ministry of Security of BiH and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. Next year, the plan is that the diving team from the Czech Republic and members of FCUZ continue cooperating and implementing activities on training, exploring, extraction and destruction of explosive devices in BiH.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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