Fairs for Domestic Products in Sarajevo

The Association ‘’We Buy and Use Domestic Products’’ is organizing this year three fairs for domestic products in Sarajevo.

‘’The objective of the Association is to bring products from BiH closer to its citizens, and in this way raise awareness about buying local products. At these types of fairs over 50 firms throughout BiH and all industrial areas responded, and up until now there have been a total of 12 such events. Of course, their organization is supported by firms that are exiting’’, said the President of the Association Admir Kapo for FENA.

The fairs will be help on: from 12-16 March in front of BBI, from 9-13 April in front of Mercator on Dobrinja, and from 3-7 September in front of BBI.

‘’Drawing on the experience of a few years ago in organizing these types of fairs, we also hope for a large turnout in Sarajevo’’, said Kapo.

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