Farmers to share their Products to Residents of Sarajevo for Free again?

PREDSTAVNICI SAVEZA POLJOPRIVREDNIH UDRUŽENJA PONOVO DIJELE PROIZVODE GRAÐANIMA SARAJEVA (Foto)The Union of Agricultural Associations in FB&H invited all the citizens of Sarajevo on Thursday, 30th of July 2015, starting at 9 am, to attend the distribution of agricultural products that the Union will share in front of the building of the Government.

“Previous divisions, that have not been useful, were symbolically organized at ’11:55′, but due to the high temperatures we adapted the time of distribution to morning at 9 am,” said Avdo Muslimović, the President of SPUFB&H.

He emphasized that farmers are continuing with the division of food that they sowed and produced, “which is more humane to divide to citizens than to sell in despair.”

To recall, protests are scheduled on Thursday at 10 am in front of the Parliament of FB&H in Sarajevo, after union members found out that the House of Peoples of the FB&H will hold sessions that day and that the Proposal of the Labour Law will be on the agenda.



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