FBiH Government: Foreign investments in FBiH

According to data of BiH Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Economic relations, in the first half of 2012, the overall directs foreign investments in FBiH were 84,723,030 BAM; with 140,657,391 BAM of investments while the foreign investments decreased by 55,934,361 BAM.

Investors were from 41 countries. The most significant investments were from Serbia (40.7 million or 48.03 percent), Croatia (28.5 million or 33.57 percent), Turkey (11.8 million or 13.93 percent), Italy (5 , 5 million or 6.45 percent), Germany (4.6 million or 5.50 percent) and France (4.5 million or 5.36 percent).

The most significant reduction in capital is related to Slovenia (45.8 million BAM), Austria (four million BAM), Croatia (2.6 million BAM), and France (1.5 million BAM).

Concerning 2011, foreign investment in the Federation amounted to 222,049,213 BAM, which is 118,932,213.00 BAM more than in 2010.

Specifically, 297,510,804 BAM were invested, while the reduction of foreign capital was 75,461,591 BAM.

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