Federal Police Directorate arrested Fourteen Persons

Federal Police Directorate (FUP) officers have been conducting an “Orca” action this morning involving 14 people and searching as many locations, Klix.ba news has learned.

The action takes place in Mostar, Citluk, Kupres, Jablanica and Sarajevo.

The suspects have been linked to a series of criminal offenses over the last five years, such as ATM robberies, transport of money, gas stations and attacks on shopping malls across the Federation of BiH.

According to FUP spokeswoman Marina Zovic, the suspected organized criminal group is charged with robbery, aggravated theft and the unauthorized manufacture and marketing of narcotic drugs.

According to initial estimates and documented cases, they have received close to one million BAM, while they have caused millions of damage to individuals and legal entities.

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