Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina “earned” Two Million BAM by replacing a Prison Sentence with a Fine


During the last year, there were a total of 3,019 convicts in our country, ie there were 2,329 prisoners and 690 detainees.  A total of 25.85 percent of them served the alternative sanction, was explained to Avaz newspapers from the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Out of the total number, 66 people were sentenced to community service, a prison sentence commuted to a fine was imposed on 207, house surveillance on 400, and security measures on 107 people, Avaz news portal reports.

“In the territory of Federation BiH in 2019, 1,298 persons served their sentences, and 363 persons served the measure of detention, which amounts to a total of 1,661 detainees, with 157 persons serving the sentence of house arrest with electronic surveillance,” it was explained.

It was explained that in Republika Srpska, a total of 617 people were serving their sentences as of December 31, 2019, and 104 people were serving their detention, which is a total of 721 detainees. In the Brcko District, courts ordered custody against 32 persons, and 101 persons were sent to serve their prison sentences.

 When it comes to replacing a prison sentence with a fine from the Criminal Code of BiH, in 2019, the Court of BiH replaced a prison sentence with a fine in 31 cases.

“In FBiH, imprisonment was replaced by a fine in 153 cases and the amount collected was 2,004,850 BAM. The competent court of the Brcko District replaced the imprisonment of up to one year with a fine in 23 cases, which means that in a total of 207 cases the imprisonment was replaced with a fine,” it was explained.

In the Federation, last year, 400 convicts served house arrest with electronic surveillance, which is 5 percent less than in 2018, according to the Ministry.



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