Festival of Classical Music in Vareš

klasicna-muzika-498The first edition of Vareš Classic Festival international festival of chamber music will be held on the fifth anniversary of the traditional Miholjsk concert of classical music, from 24th to 28th September, was announced from the Association of Friends of Music “Milo Cipra” Vareš.

Vareš will host top artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Italy and Canada, with the aim of bringing closer to the audience the classical music and the representation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as equal cultural environment in the world.

Artists will address the audience through lectures, workshops, and three thematic concerts in the unique ambient of Vareš churches.

In the program will participate among others: Andrea Nikolić, violin, and Mia Miljković, piano, Dženana Šehanović, piano, Sylvester Perschler, clarinet, Ivana Nikolić, oboe, Andrea Nikolić and Ivan Nikolic Jakšeković, violins, Vincenzo Starace, viola, Jelena Šarić, cello soprano Tamara Ivaniš and musicians from Sarajevo Philharmonic Željko Sertić and Raymond Likić.

Admission to all concerts is for free, but due to the limited number of seats for the first two days of the concerts, it should be reserves seats through the Facebook page / VaresClassicFestival, official e mail of Festival or through the official phone number +38762970743.


(Source: Fena)

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