Fifty Education Experts gathered at Meeting on International Assessments in the Area of Education


Over 50 education experts, representatives of ministries of education, pedagogical institutes, universities and academia gathered at the expert meeting and workshop on International Assessments in the Area of Education and Utilization of Their Findings for Education Improvement. The event was organized by the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) on 17 and 18 October 2019 in Sarajevo.

The two-day workshop, held in co-operation with the BiH Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education under the slogan Towards Education that Creates Changes, focused on international assessments in the area of education (Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)) and the prospects of utilizing their findings in helping to improve the quality of education in BiH.

Mark Hanbury, Acting Deputy Head of the Human Dimension Department of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina stated: Bosnia and Herzegovina is expecting their first ever results of PISA study and I hope that it will spark public debate on the importance of education quality and catalyze comprehensive education processes and enhance policies that will provide children of BiH with the quality education they deserve. The OSCE Mission to BiH will remain a reliable partner to all education authorities in their efforts aimed at improving the education in BiH.”

Maja Stojkić, Director of the BiH Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education says that international studies will draw attention to the effects of the efforts undertaken so far on improving the quality of education and provide the guidance and recommendations for further actions. “They should allow us to adopt, implement and monitor the effects of strategic decisions in education on the basis of empirical indicators, obtained by continuous participation in international research. The improvement of the education quality, based on the obtained results, must become a key government priority, and a must for the future and progress of the individuals, economy and society as a whole”, added Stojkić.

Aleksandar Baucal, a professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy emphasized that international assessment in education is important and highly relevant for increasing the quality of education, but it must be complemented by other relevant means for improving education. “The assessment provides all countries from the region with an opportunity to monitor the quality and equity of current education systems with an international perspective. Findings from these studies are relevant for various stakeholders, citizens, parents, students, teachers, researchers, policy makers and companies to engage in an informed and meaningful way in public discussions on the future development of education.”

The OSCE Mission to BiH will continue its efforts for advocating and supporting the responsible education authorities in taking effective steps towards improving the quality of education by developing policies and practices based on the findings of international assessments in the area of education.


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