Fifty-five Percent Growth in New Jobs opened in Tesanj!

Currently, there are 14,000 employed persons in Tesanj municipality, and five years ago, there were 9,000. In only five years, 5,000 new jobs were opened, which makes 55 percent growth.

The Municipality of Tesanj is one of the participants of the Municipal Environmental and Economic Management Project (MEG), and for just over a year of project fulfillment, the community has shown the best results of a total of 18 local communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The mayor of Tesanj Municipality, Suad Huskic, is pleased with the results achieved, but also with the fact that there are projects and systems in BiH that evaluate the work, efforts and dedication of the municipalities.

“The objectivity, standards and healthy competition can help in the best possible manner to BiH. I am proud of the success achieved. This is the result of the work of the entire municipality, the municipal administration, council, the municipal company ‘Rad’, and also me as the mayor. For a good result of the local community, a spectrum of well-organized activities in the public and private sector, in civil society and among citizens, is needed,” Huskic said, adding that Tesanj needs to do more in future.

Mayor Huskic emphasized that Tesanj has a successfully organized public sector, including a communal company.

“High standards in terms of work outcomes and what is being achieved in the local community, ambitious goals set by the strategy, high level of awareness of the need for cooperation with the private sector and ongoing work on implementation,” Huskic explained the “recipe for success”.

Five thousand jobs have been opened over the past five years. Specifically, about 850 people every day come to Tesanj to work from neighboring municipalities of Doboj, Doboj Jug, Teslic, Maglaj, Modrica


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