Citizens understood the Action “Buy Domestic“: Increase in the Profit of “Bingo“

Bingo Selling Dita kus.baCampaign Buy domestic lasts for several years, and this project is now being promoted more than ever, after Croatia lodged an appeal on the export of milk to the EU.

Major parties in our countries invited citizens publicly to buy domestic products as much as possible, and it seems that citizens choose where to buy because, according to certain documents, domestic market chain Bingo had a much higher profit in 2014 compared to Konzum.

As Bingo was expanding, but the conscience of citizens as well, thus the profit of Bingo was growing, thus in 2012 they had a total income of 36.614.467 BAM, in 2013 33.834.024 BAM and in 2014 Bingo earned 40.228.294 BAM. The first data for 2015 indicate that this income will be even greater.

The total income of Bingo amounted to 566.448.433 and the total liabilities amounted to 448.549.249 BAM. The average number of employees in 2014 in Bingo was 3.039 employees.

The total income of Konzum in 2014 amounted to 4.376.400 BAM, and the total liabilities of this Croatian market chain was 274.984.233 BAM. Income of Konzum in B&H was decreased compared to 2013 when it amounted to 5.646.728 BAM.

Comparing the income of these two market chains, it seems that BH citizens are increasingly choosing domestic market chain.

As a reminder, domestic market chain Bingo bought Interex and Tus, and things are going well for this retail center, and many said that with this move, Bingo won the bingo.

Now it is time for BH citizens to finally understand that Milkos, Meggle, KLAS bakery, VEGAFRUIT, ILIDZANSKI DIJAMANT, OVAKO meat industry, OLIMPIJA, ZLATNA DZEZVA coffee, TUZLANSKA SO, BIMAL oil etc. are the  future of B&H and our economy.


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