Film ‘Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis’ in Meeting Point Cinema

Berlin_symphony1_posterOn Wednesday, 23 April, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see yet another classical film of German cinematography on the occasion on program ‘Sky over Germany’.

The film ‘Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis’ is a 1927 film directed by Walter Ruttmann, co-written by Carl Mayer and Karl Freund.

The film is an example of the city symphony film genre. A musical score for an orchestra to accompany the silent film was written by Edmund Meisel. As a “city symphony” film, it portrays the life of a city, mainly through visual impressions in a semi-documentary style, without the narrative content of more mainstream films, though the sequencing of events can imply a kind of loose theme or impression of the city’s daily life.

The film will be shown in Meeting Point Cinema Sarajevo at 8 p.m. and the entrance is free for all.

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