Film ‘The Young Women in Izu’ in Meeting Point Cinema

On 23 March, Saturday, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to enjoy yet another classic Japanese film, which is a part of Week of Japanese Film in Sarajevo. The film is directed by Gosho Heinosuke and it’s called ‘The Young Women of Izu’ (Izu No Musumetachi) -1945. The film will be shown in Meeting Point Cinema at 6 p.m.

The film talks about Miyauchi Kiyoshi, a young army officer from an upper-class background, who is sent to the town of Izu and needs a place to live, but the temple is full of people who have been sent away from the cities as part of the wartime population dispersal. Bunkichi and his two daughters take in the wandering Kiyoshi, who makes himself too much at home: he treats Tamiko as a maid and banters back and forth with her. Bunkichi’s sister Okin, a midwife, is upset with him for letting a man move into a house with two unmarried women in it.

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